Tampa Bay's Most Popular Night-time Attraction - Ghost Tour

Sep 24, 2019

Experience the Haunting Charms of Tampa Bay

Jet Set Tour Packages welcomes you to discover the eerie side of Tampa Bay with our highly acclaimed Ghost Tour. Our night-time attraction takes you on a journey through the haunted history and supernatural encounters of this vibrant city. Prepare to be intrigued, thrilled, and spooked as you explore the hidden mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

Unforgettable Ghostly Encounters

Step into the supernatural realm as our expert guides lead you through the most haunted spots in Tampa Bay. With over 20 years of experience, our ghost tour is designed to provide you with an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience. Brace yourself for chilling tales, haunted locations, and the possibility of encountering restless spirits.

Explore Haunted Landmarks

Our Ghost Tour takes you to some of Tampa Bay's most iconic haunted landmarks, where you'll immerse yourself in the rich history and spectral legends that surround them. Visit the infamous Tampa Theatre, renowned for its haunted projection room, or the historic Cuban Club, said to be frequented by ghostly specters. Each stop on our tour offers a unique glimpse into the supernatural side of Tampa Bay.

Professional and Knowledgeable Guides

Our team of professional guides are passionate about Tampa Bay's haunted history. They are experts in the paranormal, armed with extensive knowledge about the city's most haunted locations and chilling stories that will send shivers down your spine. Rest assured, you're in good hands as our guides navigate you through the ghostly tales that have captivated locals and visitors alike.

Book Your Ghost Tour Now

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Tampa Bay's most popular night-time attraction. Whether you're a believer in the supernatural or simply enjoy spine-tingling adventures, our Ghost Tour promises an evening filled with excitement and intrigue. Book your tour today and prepare for a hauntingly good time!

Why Choose Jet Set Tour Packages?

  • Unparalleled expertise in providing top-notch travel experiences
  • Highly rated and recommended by past tour participants
  • Over 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry
  • Passionate and knowledgeable guides
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Customer Testimonials

  • "The Ghost Tour was hands down the highlight of our trip! The stories were spine-chilling and the locations were truly haunted. We couldn't recommend it enough!" - John and Lisa, New York
  • "Jet Set Tour Packages knows how to deliver a memorable and captivating experience. Their attention to detail, coupled with the expertise of their guides, makes the Ghost Tour a must-do in Tampa Bay." - Sarah, London
  • "Being a skeptic, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the Ghost Tour blew me away. It was a fun and spooky adventure that left me questioning the existence of the paranormal." - Michael, Los Angeles

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Travis McBee
This Ghost Tour in Tampa Bay is definitely a must-try! 👻 Brace yourself for an eerie adventure filled with supernatural encounters and haunted history. Discover the hidden mysteries lurking in the shadows... if you dare! 💀🌙
Nov 11, 2023