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Nov 25, 2018

Experience the Best Brown and Rainbow Trout Fishing in New Zealand

Welcome to Jet Set Tour Packages, your ultimate travel partner for unforgettable adventures around the world. We are thrilled to present our exclusive offering: Tongariro and Riverview Lodges. Explore the mesmerizing landscapes of New Zealand while indulging in the best Brown and Rainbow trout fishing experience.

About Tongariro and Riverview Lodges

Located in the heart of New Zealand's North Island, Tongariro and Riverview Lodges provide the perfect getaway for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, our expert guides are here to ensure an exceptional fishing experience tailored to your needs.

At Tongariro Lodge, immerse yourself in the tranquility of its idyllic setting. Nestled on the banks of the magical Tongariro River, the lodge offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and crystal-clear waters. Riverview Lodge, on the other hand, provides a charming riverside retreat where you can relax and rejuvenate amidst nature's splendor.

Unparalleled Fishing Opportunities

Experience the thrill of Brown and Rainbow trout fishing in some of New Zealand's most pristine waters. The Tongariro River is famous for its trophy-sized trout, attracting anglers from all over the world. With our knowledgeable guides, you'll have access to hidden fishing spots and secret techniques, ensuring the best chances of landing your dream catch.

Whether you prefer wading in the shallows or casting from a drift boat, our guides will cater to your preference. From beginners to experts, our fishing packages are designed for individuals and groups of all skill levels. We provide top-of-the-line fishing gear and equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable fishing experience.

A Wilderness Paradise

While fishing is the highlight of your trip, Tongariro and Riverview Lodges offer much more. Surround yourself with the untamed beauty of New Zealand's wilderness. Embark on guided hikes through ancient forests, spot native bird species, and witness the captivating geothermal wonders of the region.

After a day of exhilarating adventures, retreat to the cozy comfort of your lodge. Indulge in the finest culinary delights, crafted from local ingredients and expertly paired with New Zealand's renowned wines. Relax in the lodge's luxurious amenities, including spa facilities and hot tubs, overlooking the majestic landscapes.

Tailored Packages for Unforgettable Experiences

Jet Set Tour Packages offers a range of customizable packages to suit your preferences and schedule. Whether you're planning a short getaway or a longer expedition, our dedicated team will curate the perfect itinerary for you. From airport transfers to guided fishing trips and additional activities, we take care of every detail to ensure a seamless and memorable journey.

Our New Zealand Brown and Rainbow Trout Fishing Packages Include:

  • Accommodation at Tongariro or Riverview Lodge
  • Guided fishing trips with experienced professionals
  • All fishing gear and equipment
  • Daily gourmet meals created by renowned chefs
  • Excursions to explore the natural wonders of the region
  • Transportation to and from fishing locations
  • Great company and unforgettable memories!

Book Your Trip with Jet Set Tour Packages Today

Don't miss out on the ultimate New Zealand fishing adventure. Contact Jet Set Tour Packages now to book your trip to Tongariro and Riverview Lodges. Our experienced team is here to assist you in creating a tailor-made itinerary that will exceed your expectations. Prepare for a fishing experience like no other, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes and the thrill of reeling in trophy-sized trout.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with Jet Set Tour Packages, where unforgettable memories are waiting to be made.

Mike Davis
Seems like the perfect paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! Can't wait to cast my line and 🎣 for those trout at Tongariro and Riverview Lodges. Nature and fishing combined, what more could you ask for? 😍
Nov 11, 2023
Diane Lombardi
Absolutely breathtaking landscapes and top-notch fishing experience at Tongariro and Riverview Lodges!
Oct 5, 2023